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Hogsback Xmas Christmas in July Winter Festival

Held For One Weekend Mid - Late July Every Year

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Please note that the dates for the Hogsback Xmas In July Winter Festival weekend shift slightly each year but the festival is generally held for one weekend around mid to late July each year.

If you wish to book the Hogsback Xmas In July Festival weekend then please request this at time of booking.

The annual Hogsback Xmas Christmas in July festival which celebrates Winter is one of the highlights of the calendar each year in the small mountain village of Hogsback and every year grows more popular.

July is also just about the best time of the year for snow to fall in Hogsback which would add a magical Winter wonderland experience to the festival. Snow may either fall on the Hogsback peaks (as shown below) or you may also have snow falls on Lothlorien Cottage itself (as shown on the left).

The minimum booking for the festival is 4 people and 2 nights so be sure to invite some friends along to join in the festivities.

Our self catering cottage in Hogsback can sleep up to 7 persons.

Book early as we are often fully booked months in advance for the Hogsback Xmas Christmas in July festival.


The details below outline a typical Hogsback Xmas / Christmas in July festival as held in recent years. The exact programme and events will only be known closer to the Hogsback Xmas in July festival and if you booked for the the Hogsback Xmas in July festival then we will send details of the festival events once they are published.

Friday Evening

  • Opening of the Xmas in July Winter Festival
  • Bonfire, Christmas lights, Carols
  • Entertainment, music to dance to (awaiting details)
  • More activities and details soon
  • Saturday

  • Arts & craft market
  • Craft workshops
  • Santa's African Sleigh
  • Geo Caching Challenge (Treasure Hunt)
  • Gala Christmas dinners with all trimmings (awaiting details)
  • Various performances (awaiting details)
  • More activities and details soon
  • Sunday

  • Interdenominational church service in beautiful surroundings
  • Musical Picnic
  • Country Entertainment (awaiting details)
  • More activities and details soon
  • Throughout the Weekend

  • Various sporing activities such as soccer, family fun cycle, heritage tour etc,
  • Country craft folk demonstrating their skills such as spinner, weaver, woodturner etc.
  • Lots of good food such as spitbraai and Winter dishes and drinks like Gluehwein and hot chocolate
  • Traditional Christmas fare as it should be celebrated
  • Christmas cheer and fresh mountain air
  • Beautiful mountain scenery