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Hogsback, South Africa Weather & Snow Report

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The Hogsback weather today showing current conditions such as the temperature in Hogsback and the Hogsback weather forecast and Hogsback snow report for the next 3 days is shown below. During colder weather or when a cold front is approaching Hogsback in the Eastern Cape this will show the Hogsback snow forecast, that is when snow is expected in Hogsback and if it will snow in Hogsback this weekend.

The live Hogsback snow web camera shows current weather conditions of one of the Hogsback Mountain peaks within the last hour (updated hourly) and can be used for Hogsback snow spotting to check if there is snow in Hogsback today. Please note that if it is snowing in Hogsback today then the Hogsback webcam may appear only to show mist and you should check again later.

Due to the altitude of Hogsback, the conditions you may experience may also be wetter and much colder than this weather report and forecast may indicate especially when a cold front is approaching. Snow may fall either in Hogsback village itself or the nearby Hogsback peaks may be snow capped due to the altitude of Hogsback several times in Autumn, Winter and Spring.

When Does It Snow In Hogsback?

The best time to visit Hogsback for seeing snow in Hogsback is during Winter and early Spring as the Hogsback weather is also usually the coldest during the months June, July, August and September. As with all weather it is best to keep an eye on the Hogsback weather forecast as shown below.

Hogsback, Eastern Cape - Weather and Snow Forecast

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Hogsback weather linked from AccuWeather, Inc. / AccuWeather.com

Hogsback, Graph of cloud cover expressed as percentage of sky covered by clouds for next 7 days.

Hogsback, Graph of expected precipitation (rainfall or snow) in centimetres for next 7 days.
Graphs linked from Falling Rain Genomics, Inc

Hogsback Climate

Hogsback experiences a temperate climate with warm to hot daytime temperatures in Summer with occasional thunderstorms with comfortable evenings.

In Winter Hogsback experieces warm to very cold in daytime temperatures, with cold to very cold evenings and nights.

Hogsback has mostly clear sunny days year round but expect rain and misty conditions to arise on short notice.

Hogsback experiences rainfall year round with snow falls and ice in Winter due to the altitude of Hogsback. Please note it has been known to snow in Hogsback outside the traditional Winter months.

Remember that Hogsback is in a mountainous area and conditions can change rapidly at any time of year.

Climate similar to England, United Kingdom.

Geographical Facts of Hogsback

The following coordinates may be used for finding Hogsback using a GPS system.

Latitude: -32.5833 (or 32° 34' 60S)
Longitude: 26.9500 (or 26° 56' 60E)

Hogsback Village Altitude: 1347 metres (or 4422 feet)

Hogsback is a mountainous area. The peak of Tor Doone near Hogsback rises to an altitude of 1565m (or 5135 feet). The three peaks or ridges known as the Hogs after which Hogsback is believed to have been named with the highest summit rising to and altitude of 1937m (or 6355 feet) are visible from all parts of the Hogsback village and are picturesque. Hogsback village is named after these peaks. Gaikai's Kop, the tallest peak in the area is visible from many parts of Hogsback and rises to an altitude of 1963m (or 6441 feet). Hogsback is surrounded by beautiful forests and there are numerous streams, magnificent waterfalls and springs.

Vegetation: Lush, indigenous forests and coniferous forestry.

Animal Life: Wide variety of birds. Monkeys, wild hogs, deer and other wildlife.